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Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) Holiday Notice

Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) Holiday Notice

Issue Time:2020-01-14
Spring Festival Holiday Notice

Chinese New Year is coming and we (Hebei Jinsheng Pipe Fitting Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ) will start the Spring Festival Holiday on Jan 20th and back on Jan 31th, 2020.

      Chinese New Year is customary in modern folk to call the Spring Festival the New Year. The origins of the New Year and the Spring Festival are very different.

So how did "Nian" come from? There are mainly two kinds of sayings in the folk: one is that in ancient times, there was a fierce monster called "Nian", and every 30th day of the lunar month, he went to the village and went to the house to look for human flesh and kill the soul. On the evening of the 30th lunar month, the "Nian" arrived in a village, when two shepherd boys were competing in a bullwhip. "Nian" suddenly heard the crackling whip sounded in the air, frightened and fled. It ran to another village and then headed to a doorway wearing a big red dress. It didn't know what it was and quickly turned around to escape. Later, he came to a village and glanced at the door of a house, only to see that the lights were so bright inside that he was dizzy and had to slip his tail again. People have thus pinpointed that the "Nian" has the fear of ringing, red, and light, and they think of many ways to resist it, and gradually evolve into the custom of today's New Year.

Another way of saying this is that the ancient Chinese script put the word "Nian" on the He Department to show that the weather is smooth and the grain is abundant. Because Cereal is generally cooked once a year. So "Nian" was extended as the name of the year.

Although the folk customs of ancient China had long been New Year, it was not called the Spring Festival at that time. Because the Spring Festival at that time referred to "Lichun" in the 24 solar terms.

The Northern and Southern Dynasties referred to the Spring Festival as the entire spring. It is said that the Chinese New Year was officially named the Spring Festival after the 1911 Revolution. Since the solar calendar was to be changed at that time, to distinguish between the two festivals, the solar calendar had to be renamed to "Spring Festival".

Happy New Year to all our friends and any inquiries about the fittings and flanges please feel free to contact us or leave messages, we will reply you when we back.

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