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JS FITTINGS is Expanding the scale of production and the area of the warehouse

JS FITTINGS is Expanding the scale of production and the area of the warehouse
Issue Time:2019-09-02

JS FITTINGS Expanded the scale of production and expanded the warehouse

JS FITTINGS was established in 1983, specializes in manufacturing & exporting carbon steel pipe fittings and flanges.

elbow pushing machine
forged flange harmer
lathe machine

The area of JS FITTINGS factory is 50,000 square meters, professional producer of forging flanges and butt welded pipe fittings. JS FITTINGS has a complete production line: Elbow hot pushing machine, Beveling machine, forming machine, forging hammer, ring rolling mill, lathe and drilling machine, monthly output is 700 tons, Automatic painting equipment, automatic packaging machine. JS FITTINGS produce any size of pipe fittings and Flanges from 1/2 inch to 48 Inch, maximum up to 2400MM (80 inches), contains WN flange, SO flange, blind flange, flat flange, socket flange, thread flange, etc.

old warehouse of JS FITTINGS

Now, our factory is expanded the scale of production and expanded the area of warehouse again. we will continue to introduce a bigger automatic painting equipment and advanced production machine to make production more efficiently. Technology increases productivity, when the new factory and warehouse be finished, the production time will be shorter. It means JS FITTINGS can delivery you goods with shortest time. Also the new painting machine systems will make the products better looking. Let’s look forward to the completion. Meanwhile, we will update follow news to you to learn the project process.

We believe that under all JS FITTINGS people effort and customers’ support JS FITTINGS will bring you every satisfactory !

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